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Product appreciation and curation platform


"Symbolic Discoveries" was born as a name given by a Madeiran "company on the spot". GMA joined the project to put the business in perspective, how to operationalize it, formulate a brand mission, an identity and astorytellingspecific. The challenge could not be more open,   the freedom and responsibility transmitted by the client could not be greater.



Positioning itself as a company that values products with stories to tell, first from the island of Madeira, later expanding to products from around the world. With the "Tell - Try - Trade" trilogy, the brand set out to gather and tell unique stories related to special products, preparing to present, sell, support producers and receive their products on an online platform. With this work of permanent discovery and curatorship, the signature "shaping a tasteful world" materialized the vision of the Symbolic Discoveries brand. 


GMA made the "Tell - Try - Trade" proof of concept with something regional: with the historical circumstance that Madeira wine was the wine with which the Founding Fathers celebrated the Independence of the USA, it launched two brands with an international focus on Wine Madeira - Independence Day Madeira Wine and 4th of July Madeira Wine; a brand of George Washington Atlantic Pearl Sauce Madeira Wine Vinegar; Launched an international magazine; It developed an event for the Portuguese-American public, inviting them to learn about inspiring stories not only from brands and products but from real people.

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