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To the best briefcase ever


Rummo was struggling with two challenges: the perception that it was a “slow pasta”, that is, that it took a long time to cook. Indeed, the perception was justified. The word “Lenta” appears, in great prominence, on the packaging itself, as the method of the brand that gives the product its differentiation is called “Lenta Lavorazione”. Furthermore, pasta was not perceived as “Good Food for All”. However, Rummo paste is really good: it has more protein “which gives it greater digestibility”, it has a gluten-free variety and it has vegetable paste.



Two challenges are rarely overcome in a single idea. In this case, and after studying the entire RUMMO range, we came to a conclusion: the brand has a type of briefcase for those who have very little time or all the time in the world. A folder for current times and a folder for all times. With an action concept - “Towards the best pasta ever” –, activations that implemented it in different ways, and the sharing of recipes with “cooking time between 7 to 11 minutes”, it was possible to increase awareness, translating quality and practicality.


On social networks, people were asked “How much time do you have?” and, according to the response, the brand indicated a recipe that went “Towards your time”. Actions for change in schools were proposed, taking advantage of vegetable spreads: “Towards sustainable food”. The brand's vans passed “Towards the best restaurants in town”. At the point of sale, illustrations were created where the different shapes of paste designed iconic Italian monuments.

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