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Skincare raised by nature – super ingredient pine seed oil


Grupo F. Lima, known for bringing to Portugal emblematic brands such as Savora, WCPato and Gillette, is once again innovating by directing efforts to the online channel with a ground-breaking product: the first natural pine nut oil of Mediterranean origin. How to position this product?

Mockup12 copy x2 copy.jpg


Create the number 1 pine nut oil brand globally and make this 100% natural pine nut oil a super ingredient, taking a distinct and pioneering approach to the market. The name, Liquid Land, embodies the union of the imaginary of the Mediterranean, sea and land. Also, the precious pine nut liquid oil is closely linked to the land where it is born, grows and, without any processing, is taken to the consumer.

Denoised reflection indirect copy.png


On the ID, the name is written in 3layers, such as skin levels: dermis, epidermis, hypodermis.Also the “dermis” of thepackagingrespects the environment, having sustainable concerns.

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