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Medical Cosmetics


Buggypower - the largest producer of marine microalgae in Europe - has developed a cosmetology area focused on specific dermo-problems and aimed at the medical public. It was necessary to create a brand and respective packaging for their products.



Given its restorative and antioxidant properties and its high energy value, this supplement was presented in the Middle East, during a strong month of horse racing.  The word TRIFECTA, part of the name, creates a direct association with the universe of racing and Tropheee – with its three “e's” – highlight the three great virtues of the product: Energy. Endurance. Enjoyment.


The illustrations were created from photographs of real horses, participating in the 2018 races. When the TRIFECTA TROPHeee brand was presented in Agra Middle East, this detail was widely appreciated and recognized by horse connoisseurs, having generated an enormous proximity and empathy with the horse. public.

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