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National Theater of São Carlos


The National Theater São Carlos is an unavoidable landmark of Portuguese cultural heritage. Since its inauguration in 1793, its legacy has passed from generation to generation, through plays, ballets, operas – a legacy that must be preserved.

It was necessary to make this famous National Theater known to the young population – aged between 6 and 11 – through a film that showed the spaces, who works there and other interesting curiosities that few people know about.


What's behind the apron? – A special visit to the National Theater of São Carlos

What's the best way to find out what 8-year-olds like to know about theater? By taking an 8-year-old kid to the theater.


Duarte was chosen to guide the children of Portugal through the National Theater of São Carlos. With the help of Jorge, an experienced connoisseur of these walks, they show everyone what is behind the scenes of the famous theater.

See the final result:

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