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Turistic boat built in the 1930's


The Santa Maria Manuela ship was born in 1937, with the vocation of a bacalhoeiro ship. It was built in just 62 days, today being a sailboat dedicated to provide experiences, events and trips.


The next step? A merchandising project that dignified the name of this classic vessel.


For this project, we studied the physical and symbolic heritage that was on board of Santa Maria Manuela and which was essential to explore in order to capture the attention of visitors: the doris, life on board, the difficulties, courage, faith, crew rules.


SMM merchandising was endowed with a unique personality and style that feeds the imagination with what really makes the difference: the story.


A family of icons demonstrating the reality of the SMM, universal enough to be understood by all ages and at all boarding points, was represented.


On each shirt tag we can read: “it was written right by lines of 1km with 1000 hooks” (real data), providing access to the stories in a simple, synthetic and captivating way.

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