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miMed and Pingo Doce - Campaign

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"Preventing is the best medicine" is the main conviction of miMed, a network of medical clinics. Pingo Doce is a reference in the portuguese food retail market.

Following the high quality standards of Grupo Jerónimo Martins and Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos, the two brands are part of the same universe. Pingo Doce and miMed are also, in the majority of situations, physically close to each other.


In 2020, miMed and Pingo Doce collaborated in a campaign to bring more clients to its private clinics services.

In order to accomplish that, each Pingo Doce costumer with a "Poupa Mais" card could claim a free Healthcare Plan, for 6 months with no fidelization, in miMed network of clinics - after which they could opt in or out of the service.

We were then challenged to communicate this new benefit to Pingo Doce costumers, with the objective of attracting a large number of people to try miMed clinics services.


Side by side, at your side

The motto for this campaign brings the brands closer to their client, demonstrating that they're side by side to be next to the people.

With this message, any holder of the Pingo Doce "Poupa Mais" card knows that he/she can also count with miMed by his/her side.

This concept was later applied to print, point-of-sale and digital (website and social media) communications.

miMed and Pingo Doce, 2020/2021