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In 2013, the famous Portuguese sauce brand Paladin proposed to launch a sauce for true lovers of (extra) spicy.


This sauce from Paladin is a concoction made with "bird's eye chilli peppers" - small, wrinkled and very spicy, imported from Mozambique, locally called "bastards" (sacanas).

It just needs a name and image to match…


Sacana - No offense

With brand strategists Graça Martins and Vasco Durão, and Atelier MAGA in design, Paladin played with the word sacana (bastard) and its meaning.

Written on the first of the packages in this "hot" collection: "It is spicy with no offense, it is a well-honed tradition, this bastard makes a fine difference without making a mess".

In the packaging, placing the top of the fruit in the shape of horns emphasizes the level of "Sacanidão" of the product. Between Sacana Piri-Piri Extra Spicy, Sacana Piri-Piri with Lemon or Sacana Habanero ... come the devil and choose.

Paladin / Mendes Gonçalves, 2013