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Piri-piri on the tongue, for Paladin's new line

Sacana by Paladin is a Piri-Piri sauce made with “bird eye chili peppers” – tiny, wrinkly and extra spicy, imported from Mozambique and locally known as “sacanas”.

With brand strategists Graça Martins and Vasco Durão, and Atelier MAGA in design, a Paladin played with the word and its meaning. Paladin played with the word and its meaning - “Sacana” can be translated as “cheeky”. The first packaging started with a warning in Portuguese rhyme “it is spicy without insult, it’s a refined tradition, this cheeky bastard makes a difference without getting into foul language”. The packaging winks at this by having two small chili peppers placed as devil’s horns on top of each fruit which flavors the many varieties of the sauce –the intensity of the hotness of the product is demonstrated by the quantity of “horns” each fruit has. Between the Extra Spicy Sacana Piri-Piri, the Lemon Sacana Piri-Piri or the Habanero Sacana… the devil is in the details.

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