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Branding • Naming


Piedade and Francisco are a couple that shares the same passion: the creation and restoration of unique spaces, through a tailor-made design service for each client.


From a free-time hobbie to full-time project: to take that step, they needed a brand. Our responsibility was to find a name and an image that sealed this new phase in the lives of Piedade e Francisco.



From the names PIedade + FranciSCO comes Oficina Pisco.

The robin (pisco) is one of the best nest builders existing in nature, and it lends its name to a company dedicated to build and improve that habitats of its clients.

A couple of changes for a new habitat – a signature that highlights the tailor-made and customized aspect of the service, as well as the unique nature of each new place built.

Oficina PISCO, 2019