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Mendes Gonçalves wanted to invest in the name and image of the Paladin brand, and to change its position in order to gain a greater share in the national market.


The objective was clear (and ambitious): to make Paladin its only brand of sauces and seasonings and, at the same time, a symbol of the quality of national products and the business skills of the Portuguese.

A challenge to the image of Mendes Gonçalves' own art and ease.


Paladin - Seasonings from Portugal

The answer: assign Paladin the territory of “Temperos de Portugal” and build the brand's communication on a very characteristic element of the Portuguese language: the rhyme.

From then on, with the brand strategists Graça Martins and Vasco Durão, Atelier MAGA accepted the challenge of thinking about a new image for Paladin. A tongue was the natural symbol: for the flavor, for the seasoning, for the tone of the brand and to make a difference.

The combination of these efforts was first proven by the Mendes Gonçalves team and Paladin (re) was born: the spice brand in Portugal, with more than 50 references.

Mendes Gonçalves, 2012