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Oceanário de Lisboa, in addition to an important role in education on marine biology, also has the main mission of sustainability and conservation of life in the oceans.


There was a need for a transformation of the Oceanário de Lisboa store, both in concept and in decoration, to something more in tune with the organization's mission, raison d'être and sustainable practices.


Now you Sea me / Now you Don’t.

We developed a concept based on one of the greatest assets that can be discovered in the marine world: camouflage.

  • The idea: a store that would continue the magical experience of visiting the Oceanário de Lisboa (Lisbon Oceanarium), allowing you to enter the underwater world after observing it from the outside during the visit.

  • The proposal: the concept of in-store navigation, the decoration, the type of products that would be available, environments to read and share knowledge, integrated shopping and restaurant spaces - where nothing was obvious and everything had to be discovered through attention to detail and respect for the ocean.

Oceanário de Lisboa, 2020