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From the old-fashioned and half-abandoned Centro Comercial Lido, in Madeira, and the challenge of a daring customer, the MADLAB brand was born.


“Bring life to the center, think the craziest things and make them real. Someone dynamic to put the shopping center on the map, someone who is inventive. ”

The client's audacious personality set the tone for what was to be created in that space.

The project challenged the status quo of experience in a shopping center, qualifying it and giving it new vocations.


MADLAB - Madeira Experiences in food, healthcare & events

Mad - from "Madeira" and the personality of the project owner.


Lab - experimentation and freedom of format.

Provides different services spread over different spaces:

  • MadMarket - Portuguese Food Festival

  • MadZen - Integrative Therapies & Health and Wellness

  • MadBio - Organic Cuisine

A new name and slogan that refreshes the image of a place previously abandoned, but never forgotten.

Grupo FA, 2017