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Did you know that Madeira Wine was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the USA? It is true, a connection between the American people and this well-known Portuguese wine, from 1776 to the present day.


Independence Day: there was a name and there was Madeira Wine.

What was lacking was the positioning strategy for a new manifesto of Independence in the 21st century.


Your Independence is your Identity, celebrate it with Madeira wine.

A motto for this to become the brand chosen to celebrate births, life changes, weddings, divorces, first homes, first jobs, travel, decisions finally made, leaps in the dark or risky steps.

In addition to the bottle, the brand, the associated graphic universe and design, a verbal and visual manifesto was created that encompasses multiple possibilities of “independence”, so that a greater number of potential consumers can see themselves.

The award-winning photographer Hugo Suissas was chosen for the promotion, for looking at everyday objects and landscapes in a surprising and unusual way, also trying to give an incentive to the internationalization of talent in Portugal.

Symbolic Discoveries, 2019