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There was a name and there was Madeira wine.

The positioning strategy that started with a manifesto of Independence in the 21st century

The name "Independence Day" validates the role that Madeira Wine had in the celebration of signing the Declaration of Independence and creating a new country. But the vision for this brand is in its modernity. The 1776 anthem gave way to a manifesto which lives in a number of different situations, in permanent renewal and reinvention. The motto: “Independence Day – Your Independence is your Identity, celebrate it with Madeira Wine.” The chosen brand of wine to celebrate the special moments in life when identities are affirmed: births, life changes, weddings, divorces, first homes and first jobs, trips, delayed decisions, jumps in the dark or risky moves. 

In addition to designing the bottle, the brand and the associated graphic design universe, GMA created a verbal and visual Manifesto which encompasses innumerable possibilities of "independence" to connect with the greatest audience possible. A photographer (Hugo Suissas) was chosen, someone whose artistic view fit the spirit, since he looks at the objects and landscapes of everyday life in a surprising and unusual way. He is considered a young promise in photography, winning several prizes, and partnering with him was a way to give consequence to the mission of the brand, which is also in tune with exporting and encouraging national talent. 


GMA looked for independent spirits (and styles) to embody moments of independence on American soil, finding stories such as: "As a Marine for 20 years (...) I want to say, with tears in my eyes, that these days are important to remind ourselves that someone out there lost his / her life for us”. William Davila Jr, aka, GreyFox, at a tattoo shop told us about what “Independence Day” meant for him as a former Marine. Jill's parents, who celebrated her graduation:“Seeing her becoming more and more independent toward different and new milestones”. Among plenty of other surprising contacts, Ron Carter (the double bassist who played with Miles Davis) was the first person to receive a bottle of Independence Day in the USA.


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