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A micro-ingredient with macro benefits. Marine microalgae help to make your life better and healthier, due to its high nutritional levels.

Marine chlorine is almost 40% protein, which is one of the highest percentages in plants.


lguimya has created a daily supplement composed of pure marine chlorine coming directly from the North Atlantic Ocean.

An innovative and natural product in capsule form, which takes the best advantage of the benefits of microalgae for those who consume it.


We’ll all dive in a Green Submarine

The Beatles said it better, so let's just follow them.

These powerful submarines are made with marine chlorine for a daily plunge into holistic life.

A small green and magical capsule that brings with it a better quality of life for any lifestyle.

After all, we can all live better, can't we?

Alguimya (Buggypower), 2018