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George Washington was a Madeira Wine's lover, a fan of convivial meals.

The first president of the United States of America became famous for his Thursday dinners, to which many noteworthy people were invited. 

'"George Washington" at the time of registering the brand name was to become a new “Madeira Wine”. However, when the GMA team accepted the challenge of working on its strategic brand positioning, they concluded that, given the promoter’s Madeira Wine portfolio, it should not be just one more. The degree of sweetness inherent to the Madeira Wine makes it a great addition to many recipes, allowing for a diverse set of gastronomic combinations. From the historic connection this president had to food, the scenario was set. This would be more than a wine, it would be “George Washington Madeira Wine Seasoning – Atlantic Pearl Sauce”, positioned as “A President at the Table”.

A “prototype” for this seasoning was developed by the Portuguese specialist in sauces and spices: Mendes Gonçalves’ R&D team. The brand and label was presented with the “ready to taste” content in record time. 

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