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Redesign positions brand at Terceira Island

Akiperto is a supermarket brand from Terceira Island, in the Azores, which GMA visited to get to know the brand.

Getting to the Terceira Island, GMA found a clear starting point: "this is a family". Those who work in the Akiperto stores treat customers by name, shop for them, take them home, share recipes, and even receive gifts. From a family business and a family in the business, GMA evidenced a brand position through a signature that connects to the true statement of the name (“Akiperto” means “close by” in Portuguese – and when you have 16 stores on an island as tiny as the Terceira Island, there is always one close by): “Azores’ supermarket”. 

GMA redesigned the Akiperto brand identity, clarifying their core values, creating a cohesive and common visual universefor all of the stores, defining a tone of communicationshared through radio spotsreorganizing the most important brand communication tool(a weekly brochure), supporting the creation of a new and updated website, a social media strategy, and brand dynamics– through internal communication and the relationship with team-members. 

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