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In 2020, at a time where job search reached a new high, a new talent development platform emerges.


This platform needed a brand that helped its users in the next step of their professional careers. The naming, which was already settled, lacked a visual identity that said "we're the solution to develop your talent".


XIFT: Human Development Lab

A XIFT, a change.

The naming highlights the change of the times, of the people, of mentalities and technology. A platform which focuses on the shift of its users, to shape better professionals for the future.

The logo encompasses four elements that transmit the mission and values of the brand:

  • X: choices, possibilities, encounters;

  • I: individual, human;

  • F: potential, development, evolution;

  • T: directions, maps, guidance.

Each one of these elements highlights the XIFT nature in their own and unique way.

See below in the gallery the flexibility of the XIFT image in branding content.

XIFT, 2020