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Alguimya was preparing to launch a line of products that would take advantage of the nutritional benefits of marine microalgae: natural and unprocessed energy bars.


It was in collaboration with Alguimya that we had the challenge of creating a brand that was true to its origins, and that transmitted well the natural characteristics and the very concept of the product.



To highlight a brand of natural and unprocessed energy bars with the unique benefit of marine microalgae, we traveled through the roots of history that took us to the beginning: when life started.

Inspired by Darwin's Universal Common Origin Theory, present in his work The Origin of Species (1859), we discovered the ancestral genetic code that unites us all. Something that the scientific community called “LUCA”.

The name comes from the English acronym “Last Universal Common Ancestor”. “LUCA” is the seed of the Tree of Life that connects all organisms to each other.

In this project with Alguimya, it would be the name that would bring together three mythological creatures in a unique identity. Each mythological creature was chosen according to the cultural heritage of the origin of each ingredient: the Thunderbird, from North America, where cranberries come from; the Windhorse, from Tibet, where goji berries come from; and Simurgh, from Ancient Persia, where the apricot comes from.

Alguimya (Buggypower), 2018