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Branding • Positioning • Illustration


Bakery in Porto Santo


"We have a name: Milagre das Rosas (Miracle of the Roses). We have a place: Porto Santo Island, Madeira."


This was the starting point for the creation of a logo that told the story of a name linked to a legend, a bakery open 365 days a year and a Seasonal Cocktail/Sushi Bar, in a captivating way.


The brand's positioning , “Queen Bakery”, makes reference to the Queen of the legend and the brand's signature , “A 700-year love tradition”, opens the door to history, promising a special kind of relationship by the way they prepare and offer the bread.


We created a mural from an original illustration , which translates the miracle without resorting to words.


The image features Queen Santa Isabel on the left, King D. Dinis on the right and a paragraph about the legend of the “Miracle of the Roses” in the center. The Queen shows the King the roses that were, in reality, loaves that she carried, scattering petals in space and time.

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