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Territory brand


Create the concept and visual universe for a territory where the largest producer of marine microalgae in Europe, Buggypower, is located and where it carries out its operation, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in Porto Santo, Madeira, Portugal.



Emeralg City

It is impossible to come to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the island of Porto Santo, without noticing a scene that looks like it came out of a science fiction movie. Transparent tubes filled with seawater and marine microalgae are transformed, turning from transparent water to an intense green.


This photobioreactor landscape led to a name that, like the land of the Wizard of Oz, intended to convey the idea of ​​a green, sustainable, magical and precious city, where extraordinary phenomena took place, thanks to the power of microalgae.


The branding was created as if it were a territorial brand, in a differentiating and memorable tone for the internal public and generating memory in the many institutional, business and governmental visits that the company promotes, being the largest in Europe in its area of ​​operation.

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