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The best chips with sauce


A project imagined during a travel: the best Portuguese potato chips, with sauce and a bit of different parts of the world.


This trip started in Belgium to get the magical fries , stopped quickly in Tavira for the tastiest fleur de sal, turned right to Golegã for the most irresistible sauces and ends here, proving that dipping a potato in sauce is a travel by itself.


A communication tone was created that highlights the origin of each ingredient, with a call-to-action that challenges people to follow the brand: "where do you want to be?"


It's a project with wheels that never stays in one place, taking the best potatoes with gravy to the road with Chippers Mobile, to tell stories inspired by potatoes to the 4 corners of the world.


Get ready for a trip, Chippers potatoes could be just around the corner.

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