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Handcrafted tile factory with over 170 years


In 2019, Viúva Lamego celebrated 170 years and wanted to find a way to honor her relationship with one of her greatest ambassadors.


To create an object with an exclusive character, which mirrors the identity of Viúva Lamego and tells its story in a unique way, and could be a special business card for the company. Viúva Lamego has in its history a continuous work with artists and architects, and this was the way to stimulate future collaborations with international architects. The relationship between the tile factory and Siza Vieira was the starting point for Viúva Lamego: Through the eyes of Siza Vieira .


Viúva Lamego: Through the eyes of Siza Vieira is a limited edition of 170 numbered copies, with texts in English, profusely illustrated.

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