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Splendor – Sempre Impecável (always impeccable)

The decision taken: to rebrand from the Splendor name, uniting the brands and developing new products and markets beyond those for the home and footwear, such as car cleaning products or IT equipment. The creation of a 3D persona brand, inspired by the target, would portray all contexts of use and enhance the development of cross-platform content.


A new type of brand is born – uncomplicated, careful, practical, friendly and with a suitable attitude to the consumer, with always impeccable solutions and results – this is the new Splendor.

Business evaluation • Brand strategy • Rebranding • 3D modeling • Packaging • Brand activation • Point of Sale


Cleaning products for all types of surfaces


Novycera and Splendor were two brands of Grupo F. Lima that needed to reposition themselves and look for new audiences. A decision had to be made about their future, and the GMA was called to intervene.

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