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Branding • Naming • Research


Group of Technology and Digital Transition companies


Decskill is part of a group of companies dedicated to the digital area, alongside brands such as New Normal,

Mongoose and Mind SEO. All have the same mission: to prepare your customers for the digital world . This group of companies needed a name that clearly communicated the mission, objectives and values. Above all, it had to be a name that said “we are here to prepare you for the new stage of the digital world”.



New Anderthal – Skills for the Digital Race

Adapting to the digital world brings with it a new stage in human evolution, and it has a name: New Anderthal . The Decskill group is part of this race that wants to help all people and companies to take this step of digital transformation and evolution. With the support of a signature that illustrates the range of services that the brand offers, the vocation of this “race” becomes clear.

The name was reinforced with research that was launched that same year: the study of Neanderthal Man, to whom the invention of fire is due, teamwork and symbolic capacity, it was proven that in the Neanderthal Man genetics he left us (2 to 3%) there is a greater propensity to adopt new technologies. We didn't stop being human, we evolved as such.


The new branding was received with great enthusiasm by all the companies and teams in the group, having been implemented in several offline and online communication pieces.

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