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Graphic Identity • Research


Lisbon-based law firm


Gama Glória is a law firm founded in 2014 and which has had an exponential growth in recent years, being a name with increasing distinction in the area of Law in Portugal. In 2019, after 5 years of experience, Gama Glória felt the need to give another expression to its image.


With a big name and a newly created logo, it was necessary to find a narrative that communicated

the positioning and personality of the company . Inspired by the identity plates created 5,000 years ago in the Iberian Peninsula - which, based on different geometric patterns, codified the property of each one as a kind of "tables of law" - an original legitimacy was found for the Gama Glória logo. Based on patterns, the graphic identity of the Gama Glória spoke of “breaking down obstacles”, “seeing beyond the horizon”, or “solving border situations”.


Each element of the Gama Glória logo can be deployed for any type of communication piece , from stationery to block paper, Christmas postcards and email templates, conveying a pragmatic identity, attentive to detail and, at the same time , very creative identity of this society. This visual expression is focused on communication through image, for a more direct and immediate contact, without the need to resort to many words.

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