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IT service company


Informatem wanted to keep up with the new modernization challenges and reinvent itself thinking about the future. It was necessary to create a new name for this brand, which is over 25 years old, meeting its spirit and values.



First, we needed to discover the essence of the brand, its motivations and what characterizes it. We met a group of people who, in addition to delivering solutions to their customers, with quality and safety, have the ability to be free and evolve without fear of reinvention. This we could only call bravery.


In a perfect match, we learned the story of the Dragon Blood Tree, a very particular tree present in the Mediterranean for 50,000 years. It is said that the first of these trees was born from the fight between a dragon and an elephant, when the blood of both touched the earth.

Through the union of the two forces - the assertiveness and safe stride of the elephant, and the flame, determination and will to fly higher of the dragon - the representation of this essence was born, guided by evolution, transformation, security and, obviously, bravery.

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Video: The Society

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