Article 1

  1. Well-trained, regardless of area of expertise (please see article 2);

  2. Good listeners;

  3. People who think before they do, and who have pleasure in showing that way;

  4. People who really enjoy other people;

  5. Those who realize that, although brands may be born within this firm, it is out in society that they meet their transforming potential.

Article 2

(Well-trained people regardless of area of expertise)

  1. Becoming a part of this firm entails the following:
    a) Having prior knowledge in one or more areas related to communication, namely: all forms of art and design; all forms of written or verbal communication, on paper or screen, analogical, holographic, digital, et al.
    b) Senior or junior is secondary – be serious, demanding and passionate in any of the above areas.

  2. GMA invites those who, by some reason linked to specialization, ability for accomplishment or other characteristic that might complete the skills of the Resident Team, to become part of the firm and contribute to the quality of projects.

GMA is always ready
to meet good talented, people, that believe in
good work.

 If you meet the requirements and would like to be part of the Resident or Project-based Team, please send us
an e-mail