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The oldest working bookstore in the world


Create a Christmas decoration for the windows and store interiors of their 58 bookstores.



“Life is a huge verb”. Based on this sentence by writer José Luís Peixoto, part of the brand's 2021 Christmas film, and chosen by Bertrand, we wonder what it would be like to graphically interpret this idea. 

Giving space for the phrase itself to grow to the size of each of the 58 spaces in the bookstores that are part of Bertrand, the inside of each letter was illustrated with elements that translate what we can do throughout the different ages, that is, what makes "life huge".


All the windows were decorated with this illustrated phrase, as well as the stores interiors. In bookstores considered historical – such as Livraria do Chiado or Av. de Roma (Lisbon) – it was possible to choose phrases from different authors and illustrate them. The windows were widely photographed by customers and passersby, according to the brand's booksellers.

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