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Holistic Nutrition and Supplementation


Buggypower - the largest producer of marine microalgae in Europe - has developed a cosmetology area focused on specific dermo-problems and aimed at the medical public. It was necessary to create a brand and respective packaging for their products.



With the vision of providing a holistic perspective on nutrition, the name was taken from the ancient Greek physician Claudio Galen, who developed works on anatomy, physiology, rhetoric, grammar, dramaturgy, and philosophy.

The shape evokes a test tube, and the base is divided into 4 parts, a reference to Galen's theory of the 4 senses of humor of the human being. The colors represent the two main microalgae used: Chlorella green and Rhodomona red.


The brand Algalenic Labs presented to the Portuguese, Spanish, Irish and English markets a wide range of products and supplements, which quickly positioned it as "Nº 1 in Food Supplements". 

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