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Rebranding • Communication


Supermarket brand in Terceira Island


Akiperto has a total of 16 stores in Terceira Island, Azores. GMA was in charge of redesigning the brand identity, clarifying its values and creating a cohesive visual universe between all stores.


In Terceira, this was the clear starting point: “it’s a family”. Who works in Akiperto stores treats clients by their names, shops for them, brings the groceries to their homes, shares recipes and even receives gifts.


The supermarket of Azores – a signature that reflects the positioning of a name which is already accurate by itself (Akiperto = here nearby).


The name Akiperto is valued in all the communication pieces, by being part of headlines throughout the campaign.


In addition to the rebranding, radio ads were created, the weekly flyer was reorganized (the most important piece of communication of the brand), the website was updated and a social media strategy and brand activation dynamics were implemented.

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