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Event Communication • Activation


Portuguese Foundation for the promotion of citizenship and knowledge


The date that marked the 9th anniversary of the Foundation coincided with the celebration of another important milestone in its history.


Among essays, portraits and other publications, FFMS distributed 1 million books to the Portuguese people. A significant number, particularly if we consider that FFMS is not a publisher.


GMA created the concept and image to communicate the milestone in different media.


"1 million books in the hands of the Portuguese in nine years is a work".

Visually, it was the works published by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation that gave body to the idea.


The concept was presented on the 9th anniversary of FFMS, at an event that took place in Palácio da Ajuda, with the presence of the many authors of the publications that saw their books transformed into art pieces which decorated the place.


In partnership with a visual artist (Bete Marques), GMA created handmaid and unique table centers using the books themselves. Each piece was a thematic "centre of interest" and debate: the sea; forests; exports, professions, etc.


At the end of the event, each guest received an institutional offer, also exclusive and created from the interpretation of phrases from FFMS publications.

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